Biometrics in Banking


The banking sector is increasingly using the electronic medium for performing business transactions. Banks store customer/financial data, product information in the form of an electronic document.

Therefore, information security is vital for the continuation of business operations and to protect the overall brand image of the bank.

A biometric security system facilitates a safe and approved access to vital data stored in electronic documents. It is mandatory for banks to establish a strict user and security protocol.

Documents, pictures, and videos can be described as confidential information. The information can be managed by either an individual or an organization.

Only authorized individuals are granted access to such an information. Though organizations have security protocols to safeguard information, they don’t always guarantee information security.

Security Clearance

It is given to personnel categorized under various levels of confidentiality. Other than security clearance, organizations must decide if the individual must know the information. Therefore, access to sensitive information should be on a “need to know basis”.

Traditional Security Methods

They consist of knowledge-based identification systems for document safety. Some of the features are:


The concerned individuals create a distinct personal identification number (PIN) or password to retrieve the information in the document.


The information is encrypted before it is passed through the network, thereby safeguarding information from a security breach. The person receiving the information must decrypt the information before accessing it.

In traditional security methods, the infrastructure is minimal and it is cost effective. However, the risks are more than the positives.

Biometrics Security

It consists of the identification of human beings through their distinct attributes. The biometric data can be used for a security clearance because it remains the same throughout the life of the individual. It includes fingerprints, eyes, DNA, speech, and facial features.

Biometric security is based on a pattern identifying system that recognizes an individual by determining the credibility of distinct physical/behavioural characteristics of a user.

The main criteria of biometrics security are distinctiveness. The system manages data to validate personal information.

It interfaces biometric data systems and biometric recognition technologies. A person can gain entry to the biometric security system by delivering their distinct features that are matched to a database. The locking system furnishes access only if the information is correct.

A biometric system functions based on the following:

The extraction component interprets biometric data. The result of the model is a series of extracted features that are in sync with the matching algorithm. The model would assess the efficiency of biometric data.

Biometric templates are kept in a database. They can also be placed in the system since it doesn’t modify an individual’s iris. The scanner interprets the outer iris and moves internally. It plots various markings and maps the features identifying the distinct colour of the iris on the basis of markings.

The data are placed in a database for validation in the future. The biometric matching algorithm matches existing biometric features with the captured template.

The prearranged security threshold level could be a factor in the matching process. The outcome could either be a reject/accept directive. In the absence of a match, a quantified outcome that correlates the template and the existing biometric sample is created, which facilitates decision making.

Banks must safeguard sensitive data. Biometric technology delivers improved security while being user-friendly. It ensures the information is processed by authorized individuals. It decreases malpractices and reduces the password administration costs.

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